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through the email [email protected].

If you rather talk, like hearing my voice and everything, here’s my number.
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    Since I started this new adventure, I have had the pleasure of working as a coach, a facilitator and trainer, in management, personnal development and collective intelligence areas, in the Portugal and abroad.

    Sometimes people even invite to say stuff in conferences, but I don’t fell confortable yet saying I’m also a speaker, although everyone says I talk to much and that I should shut it… (like, you know, now!).

    What I love the most is to see people moving forward. It genuinely makes me happy!

    Whether for a coaching session, for help a team getting through a difficult time, to (try to) teach something throughout the trainings I’ve wrote, get in touch.

    Tell me what you wish to do and we’ll do it together.

    I mean, I don’t actually intend to do that much, but we’ll see about that…