I use to say that I don’t do much when I work with someone in coaching 😄
The person I work with does all the work. And that’s good, because I want to avoid a dependency relationship. Besides, that could give the impression that I DO work and would certainly affect my reputation.

I love coaching – I really do!– since I believe it is an excellent tool for people to do achieve what ever is important to them, getting to know themselves better in the process.

I work with personal and professional topics, in the customer’s office or elsewhere.


It happens sometimes, rarely, that teams don’t agree about decisions needing to be taken. Is not frequent, but let’s say that it happens once in a while. Humor me… 😄

In those cases, it also tends to happen a meeting where we pretend to make a collective decision, while everyone knows the decision has already been taken. And when that’s not the case, the decision happens to be taken by the same people that pretend they care about others’ opinion.

This is just one out of the many cases where I usually intervene. I work with teams to create the conditions that allow them to make real collective decisions, with the collaboration and commitment of everyone involved.


I though that, since information is power, I might as well share it!
One thing led to another and I found myself writing some trainings that today help (I hope!) serveral teams and organizations change the way they collaborate.

MANAGER COACH – or how to became Mr.Mrs What Do You Think?

LEAD COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE – or a nice introduction do Facilitation

DISCOVERING MY TALENTS – because there are certain things where we’re not good. We’re awesome!


CODEV takes a group of people with the same kinds of job – or not ! – that work in the same company – or not ! – to handle things in a very operational, result-oriented way – or not !

Actually, the beauty of CODEV’s method is that you can adapt in order to respond to your needs.

The concept is actually real simple: there’s one client with a topic for which he seeks insights; there’s a group of consultants; there’s an animator; at the end, there’s usually brilliant things!